About Us:

About a month after Ben and Amy Lindner were married, Ben’s parents said they were going to sell the farm. Jokingly they said why don’t you move back and open a greenhouse. A year later, in 2008, they moved back to Greenwood to begin TenderShoots Gardens and Greenhouse LLC, a year-round retail greenhouse business. They converted the dairy farm into two 30 x 96 greenhouse structures and a 20 x 60 retail space. The greenhouses are built on an in-floor heated cement pad. Thermostat controlled, automatic side and roof vents regulate the temperature of the greenhouse. Ben has a Bachelor’s Degree in Ornamental Horticulture while Amy’s Bachelor’s Degree is in Agriculture Education. In college, Ben managed the University of Wisconsin Platteville greenhouses. Lindner’s quickly discovered starting from scratch on your own is much different than running a pre-established place with the help of a professor.


A wide variety of products including annuals, perennials, pond plants, fresh dug hostas and daylilies, sweet corn, gift shop pieces and Christmas items (trees, fresh wreaths, fresh garland, gifts, and decorations/etc.) are offered. They also have different experiences throughout the year including a scavenger hunt corn maze, classes and tours can be set up.


Tender Shoots is a family business. You are likely to encounter our greeter as you exit your vehicle. Blaze is a lab/short-hair pointer mix and incredibly friendly. We are raising our two young children who think the greenhouse is their personal indoor sand dirt box. They can often be found playing somewhere in the dirt. Nama and Papa Lindner still have the dairy farm work gene is in their systems and frequently appear to assist in the greenhouse. We hope to see you soon. 

3 miles south of Greenwood on Highway 73