Our 200 varieties of daylilies and 100 + varieties of hostas are still available. We dig them up as you want them. 

We have a roadside stand with cut flowers for $0.10 to $0.50 per stem. 

If there is a class you would like to attend with a few friends, please contact us and we can create a private class for your group. 


We have mums available through October. If you buy a chrysanthemum before it is completely bloomed you should have 3-4 week of beautiful colors. Any mum that is currently on the market is not winter hardy in our Central Wisconsin climate (zone 4) – Be skeptical if someone tells you they are hardy. If you have a perfect protected spot on the south side of your home or in a town you may have better luck with it coming back.

Mum Pricing: Single color $6, Triple color $19, Quad-color $28, Pent-color $36, Hex-color $42

Corn Maze

The corn maze will be open during September and October. Here's some more information on it so you can plan your visit.

Mon 8-5
Tues – Sat 8-7
Sun Closed

18 and up $6
6-17 $4
4 and under Free

Group rates available for group of 10 or more. Please call ahead for large groups.

Our corn maze is ready and will be open through the end of October. If you find and take pictures with all 7 items our scavenger hunt you will earn a prize after you finish. Some groups have been known to turn the scavenger hunt into a game to see which group will find all the items first. If you come later in the evening a flashlight would be wise. Inside the towering maze gets darker quicker then on a lawn.

Please be aware you are walking through a corn field. If it has recently rained a pair of old shoes or boots are a good idea. Watch you step, as the ground can be uneven in spots (remember this is a field). Depending upon the speed of your group (and luck with the scavenger hunt) the maze takes 30-60 minutes to complete.  

3 miles south of Greenwood on Highway 73